The Montessori education philosophy is based on the research of Dr. Maria Montessori – the first female, Italian physician and educator. For over 110 years and at its heart, the Montessori method emphasizes independence, freedom within limits, and a respect for the child. Classroom spaces are designed with purpose and materials carefully curated in pursuit of an education partnership. The experience and training of a Montessori teacher is integral. All of The Carolyn Barron Montessori School’s Lead Teachers have completed extensive Montessori teacher training with either the Association Montessori International (AMI), American Montessori Society (AMS), Pan American Montessori Society (PAMS), or North American Montessori Teacher's Association (NAMTA) in addition to their Bachelor’s or Master’s degrees. For additional information about the Montessori philosophy, we encourage you to explore We’d love to talk to you about our educational approach–including the latest research supporting the benefits of a Montessori education and how we can meet the educational needs of your child and your family. Contact us today.