Please find answers to your most frequently asked questions about the Montessori Method of education as well as specific questions about The Carolyn Barron Montessori School.  Still can’t find the answer to your question?  Contact Beth Wagstaff, Head of School, at CBMS.

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+ How do Montessori children transition to other school settings?
Children who have been in a Montessori environment are independent and flexible and therefore adjust to new school situations with ease. Because of their confidence, self-discipline and positive attitude toward learning, former Montessori students value and utilize their time in a productive manner and often display high levels of achievement.

+ How do children interact in the Montessori environment?
As the children develop their sense of pride in their work, a feeling of confidence, well being, and joy begins to manifest itself in each child. Observing a Montessori classroom is a joy. Respect, love, and cooperation is abundant among the children.

+ What is the role of the Montessori teacher?
The Montessori teacher is often called a Director/Directress because he/she facilitates the classroom activity. He carefully plans the environment in the interest of each the children and she helps each child progress from one activity to the next. The Montessori teacher is trained to work with each child individually, allowing him to choose from many activities within his or her range of abilities. The Director may stand back while a child is working and allows the child the satisfaction of his/her own discovery.

+ How do the teachers know how my child is doing?
Because Montessori is based on the individual child, the Directresses keep detailed daily records of each child’s progress.

+ With all the freedom, isn’t there confusion?
The concept of freedom in the classroom is a freedom with limits. A child is allowed to work freely so long as they do not disturb others. Actually, the children allowed the freedom to follow their interests are generally happy and busily involved in their work.