Oak and Elm Communities

Student Ages

6-12 years
Lower Elementary (6-9 years)
Upper Elementary (9-12 years)

About This Community

The integrated approach is one of our elementary Montessori program’s greatest strengths.  Studies come alive through a host of hands-on projects and activities. Literature, art, music, dance, drama, physical education, history, social issues, political science, and the study of technology all complement one another in the elementary curriculum.

Elementary students studies include, but are not limited to:

  • Creative writing

  • Reading and handwriting skills

  • Geometry

  • Applied science

  • Geology

  • Geography

  • Art and Music

The elementary child is sociable and has a keen desire to be a responsible member of a community.  They are interested in issues such as cooperation, fairness, and decision making.  At CBMS, the elementary years embrace the needs of this child.  You will see the following in our Elementary programs:

  • Community Meetings

  • Independent Study

  • Collaborative Learning

  • Small Group Lessons

  • Field Trips

  • Research Projects

Integrated studies provide students with unique and age-appropriate materials that help them become accountable for their use of time, for accuracy in their work, and to evaluate their strengths and areas of growth. Cosmic Education is the heart of the Montessori elementary classroom. Through the sharing of the Five Great Lessons: 1. The Beginning of the Universe, 2. Coming of Life, 3. Coming of Human Beings, 4. Communication of Signs-Language, and 5. The Story of Numbers-Math, students are able to appreciate their roots in the universe, to understand their place in the world, and they begin to define their purpose for their life, as they attempt to answer the key question, “Who am I?”