Our Admissions Procedures- Simple Steps, Extraordinary Decision

The admissions processes vary, sometimes greatly, by school and may, at times, be daunting.  At The Carolyn Barron Montessori School we have developed the admissions sequence below in order to ensure our application and admissions process is comfortable, thorough and streamlined for everyone involved. 

We feel it is of utmost importance that our potential new families and students feel at ease during this important decision making process and that they walk away informed and ready to make the decision to join our school community.

We require the following steps in order to complete our admissions process:


1.     Parent Observation of Community and Campus Tour:  We welcome and encourage you to come in to get a feel for and understanding of CBMS and the Montessori Method of education and how your child will fit in and thrive in this unique-child centered environment.  Parent observations are conducted by adults only.  Once you have observed, you will have to opportunity to discuss our school and programs with our administration and admissions staff.

2.     Submission of completed application for admission along with application fee.

3.     New Parent, Student and Teacher Meeting:  This step allows prospective students to interact with director/directress of their community and move through and familiarize themselves with the environment and materials.  This is a time for the teacher to evaluate each potential student on an individual basis.  Parents will have the opportunity to ask the teacher questions and get to know him/her. These meetings are conducted in an open, friendly and informal manner.

4.     Classroom Visit:  This step is required for Primary through Middle School applicants; we require a classroom visit for at least one hour- half a day, depending upon class level, during a day in which school is in session.  Classroom visits give students and teachers a second opportunity to interact, evaluate and get to know each other, this time within the community of their peers.  Student are introduced to working within the Montessori Method. 

5.     Receipt of Complete Transcript from former school. This step does not apply to Toddler/Primary students who have had no previous schooling. 

6.     Upon completion of above steps, families will receive an admissions acceptance/decision letter from our admissions department.